Lose Weight.

Get Strong.

Stress Less.

Fresh ideas about wellness grounded in totally relatable research make Andrea Marcellus' simple strategies exciting to adopt.

By encouraging small habit shifts that make a huge difference in the areas of food, exercise, hydration and daily activity, Andrea’s tailored lifestyle approach to fitness and mental wellness gets lasting results in a way that's fun, easy and doesn't disrupt your already overloaded life.

Based on the real world methodology detailed in her book, The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong & Lift Your Life, Andrea’s courses and classes provide immediately useful how-to's for reducing stress, increasing energy, and building confidence through physical improvement and mental strengthening.

The trick is to live by a code that optimizes each day by mitigating time-wasting stress, eliminating energy-sapping decisions, and choosing quality over quantity in everything.

This allows you to have more time, energy, and funds available to help you ramp you life - and more importantly, the mentality to make it happen."

Andrea Marcellus