With these quick "plain-clothes" workouts, you'll never again have trouble staying consistent with your fitness goals.

Daily workout bursts make fitting in fitness a breeze. Get all of the mood-boosting benefits of exercise with none of the exhaustion. Plus, short workouts generate energy and reduce cravings for sugary or salty low-benefit snacks.


Resistance workouts with weights 2-3 times

per week are essential to building strength, confidence and metabolism-boosting lean muscle tissue. Keep weights at your desk, and you'll never miss your target!


Lift yourself energetically while strengthening and lengthening muscles that get tight from too much sitting with strategic moves. Plus, alignment work helps to relieve back and hip pain as well as focus the mind.


Yoga moves build strength and flexibility with the added bonus of balance challenges that stimulate the areas of your brain that allow you to think clearly and be creative. Focus on breath dissolves stress and generates energy.

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Desk Workouts for Busy Days

Short, fun workouts to keep your goals on track no matter what the day brings!

Let's face it. Our schedules don't always cooperate when it comes to our best intentions in terms of fitness. The same goes for motivation. And energy level.

Setting yourself up for success means embracing the real challenges you face in staying on track with fitness - time, motivation, and energy - and providing yourself with tools to make consistency not only more possible but highly likely.